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Houston voters overwhelmingly pass Proposition A!


(This post is from November 8, 2023)

For the last 11 weeks, our members have been on the ground talking to Houstonians all over the city about the importance of having more democracy in our City Council. On November 7, Proposition A, a City Charter Amendment, passed with 87% of the vote! The days of the the Houston Mayor having complete control of the City Council agenda are over!

This campaign has been a culmination of chapter work stemming from 2020. Three years ago, as the world experienced the first year of the COVID pandemic, our chapter mobilized to attain the required petition signatures to have Proposition A on the ballot. Houston DSA members canvassed everywhere then to get signatures – parks, polling locations, and at our neighbor’s doorstep. We got the required signatures, but the election was delayed from 2021 until this past week. 

As socialists, communists, and anarchists, we have a responsibility to fight and advocate for democracy, all the time, and everywhere. With the passing of Proposition A, there is now an avenue now for us to potentially run slates of candidates in the future. City Council members are more important than ever, as the amendment will allow three council members to add an agenda item, if they agree to it in writing. 

For now, lets celebrate and enjoy this victory! This has been a long process. We feel proud and joyful to see our work from 2020 come to fruition in 2023. Thank you to all the comrades who volunteered, and put in labor for this issue during their free time. 


Campaign Chairs – Greg A. & Jose V.