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Student Encampment Solidarity Statement


(This statement is from April, 24, 2024)

We stand with unwavering solidarity with the students in Rice University, the University of Houston, Columbia University, and all campuses, as they demand their institutions divest from the genocidal, settler-colonial project known as Israel. Images and scenes from the many Liberated Zones and Popular Universities for Gaza are truly inspiring. They reflect a heightened level of organization, courage, community care and support, political education,  self expression, and at the forefront, an unwavering resolve to divest from Israel and witness  a free Palestine in our lifetime. 

Throughout history, the student movement has contributed immensely in aiding liberation, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist movements. It is not surprising that the youth of today firmly stands with Palestinians in Palestine and in the diaspora. While cowardly and evil politicians support this genocide, and media outlets share Zionist propaganda attempting to change the narrative of this atrocity, the students  speak truth with absolute clarity and conviction. They affirm their words with deeds, and stand resolute in the face of repression from their administrations and the state, who are complicit in the genocide and occupation of Palestine. The struggle for Palestinian Liberation did not begin on Oct 7; but in all the history of the resistance the youth have led the way. 

We are specifically proud of DSA’s youth group, YDSA, and their contributions within these encampments across the country. Thank you to all the DSA members who have been on the ground as well. We call on all community members to support the students and the youth in the encampments. Let their resolve move us to bring the struggle beyond campus walls and transform the whole of society.  

The chains of oppression and colonialism are breaking. The fervor for liberation is growing  in the air. None of us are free until all are free. Free, free Palestine, within our lifetime!