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Statement In Support Of Palestinian Liberation

In the face of over 75 years of settler-colonial violence and genocide, the will and spirit of the Palestinian resistance burns brighter than ever. The state of Israel has ethnically cleansed Palestinians from their land, forced them into open-air prisons of over 2 million people like Gaza, enforced a regime of apartheid, and sought to control and dominate every aspect of their existence. And yet, never once has the flame of resistance wavered or died out; from ‘48 to ‘23, and into eternity, Palestinians have passed that flame from generation to generation, from Gaza to the West Bank, from Falastin to the diaspora.

Houston DSA stands in unflinching solidarity with the cause of Palestinian liberation. We will work tirelessly to build our capacity to fight in Houston and nationally to end any and all support from the “U.S.” for the colonial, apartheid state of Israel. As socialists, we understand that the “U.S.” itself was built on the genocide of the indigenous peoples of this land, and we uphold their calls for “Land Back”, just as we now uphold Palestinians’ call for the “Right of Return”; we understand that the violence and brutality we see along the “U.S.” southern border is intimately linked to the borders that surround Gaza and the West bank, that the kids in cages on the Rio Grande are the kids in cages in occupied Palestine, and we vow to tear down every last border wall; we understand that the tactics and technology of military occupation used against Palestinians are being shared overseas and used against poor, working class, black and brown peoples in the “U.S.”, and we vow to fight for the abolition of police and systems of incarceration; we understand that the struggle for Palestinian liberation is the struggle for our liberation.

We call on all DSA chapters, our national organization, and our electeds, to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and meet the moment. Now is not the time to cower and equivocate- stand proudly and with dignity, with the cause of Palestinian liberation, decolonization, internationalism, and anti-imperialism; stand with the Palestinian grassroots and find within yourselves that same flame of resistance; stand resolved to proclaim “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!”.

Join us in supporting the Houston Palestinian grassroots resistance on Saturday, 10/14/2023, 2pm at City Hall! Rally in support of the day that Gaza broke free from its cage, until victory!

For a more extensive breakdown on the history and conditions of oppression that Palestinians face, please read this excellent statement by Syracuse DSA: Copy of Syracuse DSA Statement on Palestine