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HDSA for an Anti-Zionist DSA


The delegation of the Houston chapter of the Democratic Socialists of
America stands with the BDS Working Group in support of their proposed amendment to NPC Recommendation #8, “Make DSA an Anti-Zionist Organization and Overturn the NPC Decision to Suspend the Steering Committee of the BDS and Palestine Solidarity WG.” We encourage members to sign the amendment before the July 30 deadline so that it may be added to the Convention Agenda. Furthermore, we encourage delegates to vote in favor of the amendment at convention this week.

We are vehemently opposed to the attempt by the NPC to dissolve the BDS WG and fold its work under the International Committee without any prior consultation with either group through NPC Recommendation #8. We view this recommendation as an undemocratic maneuver on behalf of the NPC, and we hope that with this amendment we are able to better clarify and strengthen our organization’s support for BDS and Palestinian liberation. We also demand the reinstatement of the BDS WG leadership as a result of the disgraceful Bowman Affair.

Palestine is a red line. Anti-Zionism means fighting against settler colonialism imperialism, and the worst reactionary forces of capitalism; DSA must take this fight on without reservation.

From the River to the Sea!