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Join the Spy Hunt!

Starting in 2020, HPD began deploying Shotspotter surveillance devices in the Sunnyside and OST areas as part of a pilot program with Shotspotter Technologies, Inc. Studies have shown that Shotspotter devices do not reduce gun violence and cost millions in the process. We’re mapping the locations of Shotspotter devices to expose HPD surveillance and raise awareness about the hidden forms of policing in predominantly Black neighborhoods in Houston.

Other cities in Texas like San Antonio have had ShotSpotter contracts and canceled them due to their ineffectiveness at improving public safety. Research from Chicago has shown that ShotSpotter led to over 40,000 dead-end police deployments in a year. In each deployment due to ShotSpotter technology, police arrived in primarily Black and Brown communities armed and dangerous.

While police are watching us, we’re watching them back.

Help us by finding the locations of Shotspotter devices and submitting them through our public submission form.

See a Shotspotter surveillance device in your neighborhood? Submit the location through our public submission form.

Want to stay up to date on our campaign? Sign the petition to demand Houston and Harris County to #StopShotspotter and cancel their contracts.