Harvey Relief

As Harvey sits over Texas, the destruction of local Southeast Texas communities continues. We in the Houston chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America are organizing aid efforts for those affected by the storm. With severe initial damage in the region around Rockport and Corpus Christi, Harvey is stalling over Southeast Texas and will bring flooding rains over the next few days to the whole region. This will extend and exacerbate the disaster.

We are asking for your support in this effort. We will be purchasing supplies, such as water, food, and tarps, of which we will deliver to those in need. We are contacting local, on-the-ground organizations and plugging into their efforts, as well.

If you wish to donate money, click this link.

If you wish to come to Houston and help in person, click here.

Our members will be working with other organizations in their communities as well as with other DSA chapters and at-large members who have offered their support from across the country.  We aim to ensure that all effort and donations will go to those directly affected.  Specifically, we will be pursuing a threefold strategy:

Financial assistance to organizations working with undocumented people. Thanks to SB4 and a hostile environment bred by state Republicans, some undocumented residents may be scared away from using local, state and federal resources. So undocumented communities are especially impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Houston DSA is in talks with organizations that are already working in these communities to assess their needs and how we can directly support them financially through our fundraiser.

Direct aid to individuals and communities. Material aid in the form of food, water and clothing is good, but many impacted individuals simply need direct financial aid to make it through the days and weeks to come. We are asking people impacted to let us know their needs through a this form. When the floodwaters recede, we will go out into communities to talk directly to folks to identify persons in need as well. Direct aid efforts will be coordinated with local non-profits and emergency management.

Tool kits for volunteer clean up teams. In addition to the outpouring of money going to the fundraiser, we have received a tremendous amount of people in DSA chapters around the country offering to come down to Texas to volunteer. In the weeks to come, many large, national charities will leave once the immediate danger has passed, but we will still be here. We want to harness that volunteer support by organizing “muck and gut” teams to help clean up efforts and potentially repair efforts (with guidance of contractors). We plan on purchasing a tool kit with equipment for each of these teams.

If you or a loved one are in the Texas region and would like aid, please fill out this form. All immediate emergencies should be directed towards local emergency services.Please share this with those willing to help or those in need of help, especially for those who are undocumented and face a threat when interacting with governmental organizations.

If you represent an organization and wish to get in contact with us, email us at houstontxdsa@gmail.com or message us via @HoustonDSA on Facebook or Twitter.