EcoSocialists Let’s Hold Polluters Responsible Plastics Audit

September 16, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 2:10 pm
Mary Gibbs and Jesse H Jones Reflection Pond
6200 Herman Park
Houston Tx 77030

Have you been noticing the large amounts of plastics trash stuck in trees, tall grasses and just generally lying around everywhere? Or watched videos of people washing clothes in rivers completely surrounded by plastics garbage, their food sources increasingly limited as the fish are dying off in large numbers. Whales and sharks washing ashore with bellies full of rubbish and those are just a few examples of what’s happening. 

And then began angrily thinking Hey wait a second!  Why haven’t the companies producing millions of pounds of plastics trash not been fined for the ecological damage they are causing? Why are Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks and Nestle allowed to pass the recycling buck onto consumers when they make billions and should be responsible for the problems their single use plastics are creating?

This is where the plastics audit comes in! Houston DSA EcoSocialists have partnered with Greenpeace and Break Free From Plastic for the express purpose of gathering data that will be used to identify the top polluters globally and then hold them accountable. 

Come on out on sunday! We can play opossum, pick up some trash, record data and begin a concentrated effort that targets manufacturers! This is a kid friendly event too!

Meeting up in front of the reflection pond.