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Sign up below to set up a monthly recurring donation to Houston DSA. Monthly donations give our chapter a reliable, steady source of income that helps us organize long-term.

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Frequently asked Questions

Does this replace my membership dues to DSA National?
No — chapter donations are an optional contribution made in addition to your national membership dues. In order to remain a DSA member in good standing, make sure your national dues remain up-to-date. To inquire about your membership status, please email

Do I have to make chapter donations to be a member of Houston DSA?
No — chapter donations are entirely voluntary. We offer this as a convenient way for members to financially support our local’s operations.

How long does a monthly donation subscription last?
Recurring monthly donations will continue indefinitely. To change your donation level or to cancel, please email

How will this money be used?
Chapter funds are used to cover the myriad costs of organizing and running a growing political organization: reserving meeting spaces; covering server fees and platform costs; producing printed materials, t-shirts, and other outreach supplies; feeding volunteers; etc. Our budgeting process is open and transparent to our membership.