December 12 Day of Action: Fight For Our Lives

We’re Putting Lizzie Fletcher on Notice to Fight For Our Lives, not Corporate Greed and Profit.

As DSA members, we know that bipartisan politicians aligned with corporate interests are standing in the way of a Green New Deal that provides massive economic stimulus and environmental recovery for our communities. Today, Houston DSA will joined DSA chapters nationwide to demand that elected officials across the country Fight For Our Lives. Join us in delivering notice to Democratic US Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher that we need her to endorse a GND in order to represent the interests of workers in the oil and gas industry who are losing their jobs, rather than be a pawn to corporate bosses who defend a dying industry through millions of dollars in donations to politicians. 

Write a letter to Lizzie Fletcher now!

Make sure to edit the default email to add “My name is [your name], I’m a resident of Congressional District # and I live at [address].” This is necessary for Lizzie Fletcher to register your request. If you don’t know your district, you can find that here!

At 10:00 AM, we live-streamed tour of oil and gas company headquarters in Houston with banners outside major donors to Lizzie Fletcher and Joe Biden to highlight their corporate backers who rake in profits while laying off workers. Check it out on Instagram and Facebook.

We are hosting a webinar from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM CST titled “Green Jobs for All: How the Gulf South Wins a Green New Deal,” which features community and labor leaders from the Gulf South discussing how we build a multi-sector movement to support a just transition for oil and gas workers through a Green New Deal. Join us.