Hurricane Harvey revealed the chronic problems that challenge the working class

By Bryan LaVergne

As I write this, Houston DSA has raised over $100K and has been contacted by hundreds of people ready to volunteer with our chapter’s relief efforts. This has given me hope and further confirmed my confidence in DSA as a network that can be utilized to help our communities. But, as our work begins, some of the darker realities of the situation in our city are being revealed. Continue reading “Hurricane Harvey revealed the chronic problems that challenge the working class”

Join Houston DSA in a demonstration against the AHCA at Rep. Culberson’s office

On Thursday, Rep. Culberson voted to enact one of the most destructive and vile bills to ever pass through Congress, the AHCA. Not only does this bill strip 24 million Americans of their health insurance, but it makes things like pregnancy and sexual assault “pre-existing conditions”, and defunds Planned Parenthood so the most vulnerable can’t even have access to lower-cost treatment. And this is all in the name of giving the wealthiest 1% a $350 billion tax cut.

Our communities need affordable health care now and that can only be achieved by Medicare for All. Affordable health care is a human right that should not be denied to anyone. But Culberson will not listen unless we show up at his doorstep to demand it.

Join us at Culberson’s office to tell him that we, the People, say NO to repealing Obamacare, and to tell him that we DEMAND Medicare for All.

When: Sunday, May 7 2:00-5:00pm
Where: Rep. Culberson’s Office, 10000 Memorial Dr. #620, Houston, TX 77024


See our calendar or Facebook for more details.

May General Meeting

Our May General Meeting is coming up! We’re very excited for this one, because now that things are beginning to settle down, members are ready to start organizing on the issues that we find most important.

Just a few topics this month include:

– Nominations for delegates for DSA National Convention
– Updates on past actions
– Updates from our working groups
– New proposed working groups (LGBTQ+, Local and State Policy)

The last part of the meeting will involve everyone splitting into working groups to discuss future meetings, plans, ideas, etc. This meeting will be very good for those who are ready to DO something!

Everyone is welcome! We hope to see you there and on the streets!

See the calendar for more details.

DSA Reading Group: Rethinking Capitalism Pt. 1

We’ve finally made it through out first book! At the last meeting, we finished up The ABC’s of Socialism from Jacobin. The discussion was great, filled with thought-provoking perspectives from members.

We’ve held a vote for our next book, and the result is Rethinking Capitalism. Looks like democracy can actually get things done!

For this meeting, we will be reading the first chapter (available here in .pdf). Our discussion will be over the reading as well as analyzing and defining the ideas of capitalism and neoliberalism.  For supplemental reading, check William Davies’ article, The New Neoliberalism, from New Left Review last year.

Be prepared to also discuss what we think about the book, Rethinking Capitalism, and what chapters we want to select to read. Steve and Bryan have already bought the book, but it’s best that you wait until after this upcoming meeting should you decide to order it.
We look forward to seeing everyone there, and new faces too! Feel free to bring friends: all are welcome! Get ready for an informative and entertaining discussion!

See the calendar for location and time.