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Apply for Houston DSA’s Endorsement

We are now accepting endorsement inquiries for races in 2023. See application instructions below.

Running for the May 2023 election? Please contact us by Friday, 3 February 2023.

Running for the November 2023 election? Please contact us by Friday, 4 August 2023.

What is a DSA endorsement?

Houston DSA’s electoral work is focused on building the power we need to advance our policy goals for the Houston metropolitan area. We work to elect socialist representatives who will use their votes and the powers of their offices to lift up the demands of the working class and materially support Houston DSA’s work in the areas of housing justice, health justice, economic justice, decarceration, racial equality, and gender equity. You can read the platform of the national organization here

A Houston DSA endorsement is not a mere paper endorsement. Instead, it is a grassroots, large-scale volunteer mobilization effort born from a democratic process that engages our membership. Therefore, those who receive our endorsement will benefit from hundreds of volunteer hours that our members will provide to their campaigns, from block walking to phone banking to social media boosts. 

Electioneering is a vehicle through which we seek to build popular support for our policy goals and for the socialist movement. We want candidates that share our vision for a better world and whose campaigns will energize our membership to engage in canvassing operations. 

What are the steps in the DSA endorsement process?

Our endorsement process is thorough and democratic. It includes multiple meetings, an in-depth questionnaire, a candidate forum, and multiple rounds of voting by membership bodies across Houston DSA.

The process begins with candidates completing and submitting an in-depth questionnaire that we use to identify how closely candidates’ values align with ours. Our Endorsement Committee will review the questionnaire and schedule an interview meeting with candidates who share our values. Our Endorsement Committee then votes on whether to recommend endorsing the candidates at the next general meeting of our chapter. Candidates will be invited to participate in a candidate forum at that general meeting, after which the Endorsement Committee expresses whether it recommends endorsement. Lastly, the general membership of Houston DSA will vote upon endorsement.

How do I apply for a DSA endorsement?

Candidates seeking Houston DSA’s endorsement should begin the application process by emailing endorsements@houstondsa.org, including the following information in the body of the email:

-Full name


-Elected position and/or district seat you are seeking

-Short bio with your reason for running

-How do you identify politically? Do you consider yourself a democratic socialist or socialist? Your answer will not disqualify you from being considered for endorsement.

-Where you are in the process of developing your candidacy (e.g., considering running, actively seeking endorsement, etc.)

We will follow up to arrange a meeting with members of our Endorsements Committee.

To be considered for endorsement, candidates must complete the Houston DSA candidate questionnaire. The questionnaire is detailed and comprehensive, and candidates should plan to spend a substantial amount of time completing it.

As a member-led and member-funded organization, our capacity is limited and we receive many inquiries about endorsement. Please understand that we cannot invite all interested candidates to speak in front of our membership.